Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Updates from el Presidente and Co.

Here are some key updates for the week in our Horticulture Society:

Last Meeting:
We went up to our own on-campus Eco-roof to do some weeding in preparation for our replanting project. It turns out it's going to be a much bigger job than anticipated. As of last meeting, we now have a treasurer! And a photographer! (please always feel free to take pictures of your own volition)
We did not get around to posting fliers, so we need two or three people to come out tomorrow, Wednesday Feb 1st at 11:00am, and help us post them around the dorms and other spots on campus. Email us back at this address if you want to help out, or just meet up in the greenhouse tomorrow at 11.

This Friday:

  • Our general meeting will be held at its new official time of FRIDAY, at NOON in the GREENHOUSE. If your schedule does not allow you to make these meetings, please try to attend whatever extra events we have, and we will do our best to keep you updated via email.
  • This Friday our very own Yosef Kerzner will be giving a short talk to help our newbies (and our oldies who still need to learn) get started with the growing season. Make sure to come in and get some great growing tips.
  • We will also discuss plans for continuing the de-weeding of the eco-roof, and just what is being grown for the plant sale.
  • Soon, we'll need to assign someone to plan out how we can grow the UH logo on the eco-roof.
  • Those who are most involved will get their say in what goes in the seven beds on the roof this semester.

Up Coming Events:

  • As always, please let us know if you come across an opportunity or an idea for an event or field trip.
  • We are having a flier Posting Day this Wednesday, February 1st, at 11:00am. Come meet up in the greenhouse at that time to help us plaster our name on all the public posting boards.
  • Dues are $10 and are due to Rachel Gamblin by February 10th.
  • Sometime as February comes to a close, we'll be going on field trip to HCC's World Famous Greenhouse to find out what they're up to and what we can learn from them. This will likely be happening February 24th. Once we know for sure, we'll be asking people about car pooling. Go green, people!
  • Our first Plant Sale for the semester will be in the PGH Breezeway on Thursday, March 22nd.
  • Check out our Google Calendar ! If you have a gmail account and would like access to our calendar, please respond to this email saying so.

In other news, nearly all the seeds that were planted last Monday have sprouted, except for pepper seeds. This includes tomatoes, most basils, parsley, and french sorrel. Soaking seeds overnight really does help, reducing germination times by at least half. Next time though, we'll have to experiment with gibberellic acid solutions to really hot-rod the germination and growth of plants.

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