Monday, January 2, 2012

Insulating the plant cart

Hello again.

The plant cart has now been insulated with solar pool cover. After some deliberation, and a desire to retain the extremely well-made table seen to the left of the picture (with the watering can on top), I decided to simply attach the pool cover in pieces to the metal framework of the cart.

The table has lasted for 40 years because it is solidly made, with large bolts securing braces near each leg. The original plan called for cutting it down the middle and reconnecting two much-shortened pieces to retain at least some storage and provide more space for the PVC framework.

Six pieces were cut out (and re-cut because of mistakes) from the roll of pool cover and plastic ties were used to secure them to the framework in certain spots. Once all the pieces had been initially attached they were secured more fully, and to each other, to provide better insulation.

One side became the door by leaving slack space and sticking on strips of velcro so that two halves could overlap.

A power strip with an extra-long cord was purchased for electrical equipment, and placed inside the enclosed cart, on the bottom level. It is on a power outlet separate from the heater, which is plugged into a 14-gauge, outdoor power cord (1875W) on its own outlet. The heater is also on the bottom level, and two fans blow air around inside.

The completed set-up has wheels, so it can be rolled out of this "crawl"-space for maintenance. However, it remains crowded, and I wonder how it will be to have a full rack of plants sitting on the top of a fluorescent light fixture. Perhaps they will go to the bottom. Much fun awaits.

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