Thursday, September 19, 2013

Upcoming Fall Plant Sale

As you might know, The Horticulture Society at UH is not funded by CSI or by the University of Houston. Thus, in order to raise funds for soil, fertilizer and other things, we hold plant sales every semester! Our first sale of the fall semester is Tuesday, September 24 from 10-4 in the PGH Breezeway

We will be selling everything from aloe vera to plumerias at very low prices; most plants will be $2-4, with the larger/rarer ones being a bit pricier. Many of the plants have never been sold before, so we don't know how the public will react to them, but we're hoping that they sell strong. 

Data from previous sales show that typically, people like mint, lavender, oregano and other cooking herbs, along with aloe vera. While we don't have much mint to spare, we have tons of aloe vera and some house plants that we haven't grown in years!

The Wandering Jew grows great in hanging pots or on the ground

Scented geranium - very aromatic!

The spider plant removes formaldehyde from the air

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Plant of the Month

The plant of the month for September is the beautiful Plumeria!

This outstanding plant is native to tropical America. This small tree will only grow to be, at most, 30 ft tall while requiring a hot, dry climate. It usually takes 5 years for the tree to mature.The flowers that bloom from the plumeria are very fragrant and tend to appear between the months of March and October. 

The best way to propagate the plant is to use cuttings because this method will maintain the cultivar. The cuttings should be 1–2 ft long and should be allowed to “cure” in a dry place for at least two weeks before planting. After curing, plant them in well drained soil. Do not water too much or too often while rooting is occurring.

In Hawaii, the beautiful flowers are used to make leis.