Thursday, December 20, 2012

Green Roof Plans

This morning, several of our members met with Dr. Pattison to solidify the plans for our green roof. We went over submissions for plot plans and we are now ready to move forward with preparations for actual planting!

With our seven plots containing over 1600 square feet, we will be focusing on cultivating species native to Texas. We selected plants that are drought and heat tolerant and that require very little maintenance. In the middle (fourth) plot, we will have a large "UH" spelled out with redhead coleus plants. It will also be bordered with snow in summer, as seen below.

Our other plots are named as such:

  • Meadow (Plots 1 and 7): A medley of over 30 wildflower and grass species, all native to Texas
  • Yosef (Plot 2): A selection of beautiful foliage picked by the Horticulture Society's founder
  • Tea Party (Plots 3 and 5): Varying clusters of dragon's blood sedum interspersed with pink creeping thyme and rupturewort
  • Plot 6: A central group of sharp gayfeather surrounded by heath aster, penstemon, and cardinal flower
Have a fantastic Winter Break and look forward to what will bloom this spring and summer!