Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cataloging Plants

Earlier this year, during the winter, we planted seeds for dozens of native Texas grasses and flowers on our green roof. As spring was coming to an end, we saw that many of those seeds had germinated and grown into mature plants with stunning colors (see here). We visited the green roof once again on Friday, July 12, to fix the watering schedule and to see if any new plants had appeared since the last time we were there.

There were quite a few surprises waiting for us on the green roof.

An unidentified blue flowering plant
Seeds everywhere!
Close-up of another flower
Indian Blanket
More fields of Muhly

Most beds are full of Muhly!
Another unidentified plant
To recap, here's a list of the plants that we have seen on the green roof so far: 
Gulf Coast Muhly
Plains Coreopsis
Indian Blanket
Purple Prairie Clover
Little Bluestem

Prairie/Virginia Wildrye
Cane Bluestem
Blue Flax (or Blue Curls)
And a bunch of others

Because there are many plants on the roof and we only can see a few of them at a time (they flower at different times throughout the year), we are beginning to take note of what plants we see at which times, along with collecting their seeds for future reseeding efforts.