Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Plant of the Month


This month’s Plant of The Month is the beautiful Hellebore. This perennial flowering plant is native to Europe, spanning from Great Britain and ending in the Caucasus region. This evergreen is valued among horticulturist for its resistance to frost and its early spring flowering.

To establish the Hellebore, do not forget to water regularly until the roots are settled in. Once this occurs, minimum watering and light is required. These plants fare best in partial shade.

To keep the Hellebore healthy, make sure the soil is well drained and slightly fertilized with organic matter. Fallen leaves work very well for this purpose.

Too keep the flowering plant looking pristine, prune back the dead foliage during the spring season.

For more information on Hellebore care, check out these websites!



First Meeting of the Semester!

Hello, Horticulturists !

On Friday January the 24th, we will be having out first meeting of the semester. Don't forget to stop by to learn about our organization, the upcoming plant sale, and radical gardening!

We will hold our meeting in the Greenhouse at 1:00PM - See you there!