Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seeds for plant sales

Hi again.

Seeds have been ordered for the plant sales in (tentatively) March and (definitely) April. Here's a list, with explanations.

Red Robin Tomato - This is a small tomato plant that produces 1.25" fruits on plants a foot tall. It does well in 1-2 gallon containers, and even fruits indoors. Its contender was Tiny Tim, which is 15" tall and requires larger containers.

Mini Bell Series (Yellow) - 16" Tall plants stuffed with 2" mini-peppers. As pepper plants go that's quite small.

Sweet Pickle Pepper - A great sweet ornamental pepper that we sold last year. Amazing production of 2"-long peppers, even in one-gallon containers. See this photo:

Thai Hot Pepper - An ornamental hot pepper whose plants grow no larger than 8".

Sweet'n'Neat Tomato (Yellow) - Last year's best cherry tomato variety, producing best when in a 2-gallon container.

Decent flavor for its size.

Redskin pepper - Similar in growth to Mini Bell pepper.


Aristotle Basil - A compact basil.

Medinette Basil - Another compact basil that is slow to bolt in the summer. Since people may not know that it is best to pinch out the flowers to promote leaf growth, this attribute of Medinette will be helpful.

Lemon Basil - 2-3 feet tall. Wonderful lemony smell and flavor. Pesto made with even 5% lemon basil (and 95% Genovese) is fantastic.

Spicy Globe Basil - Another compact basil. Great taste. Choosing this one was a bit like rolling dice - there were seven varieties to choose from.

Curled Parsley - We'll see how this goes. Forms small plants suitable mostly for garnishes (and also for ritual uses).


Ultra Crimson Star Petunia (How's that for school spirit?):

Promise Phlox - Mix of colors.
The vegetables and flowers will be planted as soon as the seed arrives, hopefully this week. The herbs won't be planted until the end of January or the first few days of February, since they were ordered late. Drop by the greenhouse to see how progress goes with them. 

Until next time.

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  1. We wound up also planting Dolly Basil, which supposedly produces 50% more than standard Genovese basils, on the assumption that buyers might want more familiar taste and shape; Lemon Eucalyptus (as a houseplant and also for the greenhouse - it's hardy to zones 9-10), and Green Sacred basil (Sri tulsi, about which it is said that each day a leaf should be eaten for overall health).