Sunday, March 3, 2013

Plant Sale

As you all know, on Wednesday Feb 27th, Horticulture Society had the first Plant Sale of the semester. It went incredibly well and we were able to sell a lot of plants. Aloe was the fastest to sell, due to its need for little maintenance and healing qualities. People also bought tomatoes, pineapple, and red coleus. We were able to sell a few hydroponics as well.
It was a great way to get the word out for Horticulture Society. Numerous people showed interest in joining and helping us with the greenhouse/eco-roof. We are looking forward to spending the semester with them.
If you missed out on our biggest event of the semester, don't worry, we have another Plant Sale coming up on April 2nd. Tell your friends, roommates, professors, family, even strangers, about it. Here are some pictures from the sale:

If you have any suggestions for what you would like to see at the next Plant Sale, please feel free to let us know. Hope you all are doing great.


  1. I love these pictures! Haha, what a fun sale.
    Thanks again to Jeea for our awesome sign!

  2. Mind blown. So many plants... You guys rock!