Friday, February 22, 2013

Plant Sale Preparations

Hello everyone! On Friday, we had another meeting in the greenhouse. Instead of the usual presentation, we talked about the biggest event we hold each semester - the plant sale.

We try to hold 2 plant sales per semester to give people many chances to get the plants they want. Since we were only able to squeeze 1 sale in last semester, we're doing 2 in the spring - one next Wednesday, February 27, and another one on April 2 (check out our Google calendar to see the schedule!)

We hold plant sales to promote awareness of our organization, to recruit new members, promote horticulture and to raise funds for general greenhouse maintenance. Since they are always in PGH, many people see our tables, and a good deal of students/faculty purchase our plants for their homes and dorms.

For our first spring plant sale, we are selling some classic plants such as tomatoes, basil, rosemary, and aloe vera. Additionally, we are also going to be selling new plants like coleus, celery, and kalanchoes. Unfortunately we won't be having any cacti this semester, but we may get some succulents like sedum in the second spring plant sale.

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