Monday, August 20, 2012

New Plants for the Fall

Hello all. During the summer I started growing some new plants for the Fall Plant Sale, and they are doing great. Here are some pictures to show how much they've grown. Most were started in June or July.

This is a cherimoya seedling about a month old. Cherimoya is a fruit tree originating from South America but is now grown all over the world. I started it from seeds that a friend gave to me. Various sources told me that you should place the seeds in water before planting and that any floaters are 'duds', and every seed I wanted to plant floated. Fortunately, three of those four floaters were not duds and are doing just fine.

Only two leaves for now. 

Stevia is growing a bit slowly, and I actually haven't seen any new growth in a while. They're not the easiest herb to grow from seed, though, so I think it will just take some time for it to really get going. 

One of the many Thai basil plants I have. They are also growing very slowly now, though if you go close you can smell their fresh fragrances. 

I started this Christmas cactus from a cutting I took from one of the original Christmas cacti in the greenhouse. All you need to do is take a cutting with 3-5 segments, bury one of the segments below the soil line, and keep the soil moist but not too waterlogged. After about 2-4 weeks, the cutting showed signs of new growth, so I know that it has begun rooting. 

Note the red growth buds. 

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