Monday, July 9, 2012

Pictures of continuing plant growth

Hello again to all. Here are some more pictures of continuing plant sale plant growth, and updates on the previous post.

The Sweet'N'Neat tomato fruit has mostly completed ripening, and it was yellow, not red. Definitely sweeter than red, and prettier, too. Here's a picture of the Redskin Pepper plant (actually two planted together), as it continues to fill out quickly. In fact I've lost sight of some of the pepper fruits already.

Can you spot the peppers?

The Spicy Globe basils have filled out really well, forming a bushy mat of yummyness. These were just sprayed with 200 ppm Gibberellic Acid solution a week ago as an experiment.

And it looks like the Dolly Basil is a keeper, producing hand-sized leaves with no overt bitterness on large, bushy plants. The taste is less pungent than that of Genovese Basil, and the leaves are therefore more agreeable to eat raw on a tomato sandwich, for example. 
(Yep that's the same stake as in the earlier picture)

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