Monday, January 19, 2015

New succulents for Spring 2015

One of my (Chris's) goals for THS was to increase the variety of plants in the greenhouse and offered at plant sales. While we've had mother plants for herbs since our organization began, there wasn't much variety in our succulents until not too long ago. People love succulents because they are (supposedly) all easy to care for and "cute". Here are a few of the new succulents I picked up over the winter break that will hopefully appear at our sales this spring. Since the vendor didn't label any of them, the names might not be 100% accurate, but I based them off of the vendor's website. 

Aloe vera "Cynthia Giddy"
Aloe asterious

Aloe deltoideodanta v candicans
Faucaria tuberculosa

Gasteria hybrid

Haworthia coarctata

Haworthia reinwardtii
Aloe hybrid

Aloe hybrid

Aloe/Dyckia hybrid?

Aloe hybrid

Mammillaria prolifera (Texas Nipple Cactus)

Sansevieria ballyi

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