Friday, April 11, 2014

Green Roof Updates

 It's been awhile since we posted any updates on the green roof ever since we cut back the grass. Spring has finally arrived, and with it, many flowers began blooming on the roof! We have beds full of bluebonnets, plains coreopsis, pink paintbrush, and many other unidentified plants. 

Unidentified Yellow Flower

A sea of flowers!

Plains Coreopsis
Close-up of an unidentified flower

Another close-up

Bluebonnets and Other Flowers

The green roof looks better than ever! We couldn't have done it without the many volunteers who helped to cut back the grass and then to reseed the roof with native Texas flower mixes. In a few weeks, all the bluebonnets will be gone, and hopefully the other seeds we planted will be coming up so that there can be flowers all summer long. 

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