Friday, March 21, 2014

Micronutrient & macronutrient deficiencies and their symptoms

The list below shows the nutrients most plants need and their symptoms if the nutrient is deficient.

MicronutrientsCofactors that aid essential cell mechanisms that are
needed in small amounts.

  • Boron - terminal growths die/thickened/curled/wilting/reduced flowering
  • Chlorine - wilting/yellow-green/leaf bronzing; poor growth/marginal leaf necrosis
  • Copper - stunted growth/leaf tips die; reduced growth
  • Iron - yellow-green/reduced growth; low stunted growth/purple/poor fruit development
  • Manganese - yellow-green of leaves/similar to iron; low stunted growth/purple/poor fruit development
  • Molybdenum - stunted/reduced yield/cupping/rolling
  • Zinc - leaf tip necrosis; interveinal yellow foliage/induces iron and zinc 

MacronutrientsInvolved in photosynthesis and protein synthesis that are used heavily and need to be replaced.
  • Nitrogen - slow stunted growth/yellow-brown; heavy growth/dark green/delayed maturity/low fruit yield
  • Phosphorus - slow stunted growth/purple/poor fruit development; yellow-green/short stems
  • Potassium - slow growth/weak stalks/small fruit; light green
  • Calcium - shortened growth of shoots; E: interferes with micronutrients
  • Magnesium - curled up leaves/yellowing in christmas tree pattern; interferes with Calcium uptake
  • Sulfur - reduced growth/delayed maturity/light green-yellow

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