Thursday, November 8, 2012

UH Sustainability

Last week, from November 1-4, the UH Office of Sustainability held its very first UH Sustainability Fest to promote (you guessed it) sustainability in many aspects, from recycling materials to green commuting. We also participated in this on Nov 1. We had a table in front of MD Anderson Library from about 10-2:30 where we had plenty of clay and native Texas flower seeds so that anyone could make a seedball.

A seedball is basically a ball of clay with seeds embedded in it. The idea is that you can throw the seedball in the ground in almost any place and the seeds inside will germinate and grow. Those who stopped by to make seedballs chose to take them home; the rest of the seedballs were taken back into the grseenhouse, where we'll save them for Project Blazing Star.

Also, our plant sale is next week, Nov 15. We'll have some of the usual plants for sale, like aloe vera and sansevieria, but we'll also have some exotic and new plants, like cacti and rambutan. It'll be from 10-4 in PGH and it is also our only fundraiser for this semester, so we have very high hopes for it. Come stop by and chat for a bit or buy a plant if you can!

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