Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meeting Updates

Our Friday meeting (9/28) was very successful and productive. We saw many familiar faces and some new ones. The meeting began with Chris, our treasurer, giving a presentation on the basics of pruning plants to make them grow in the direction you want them to, and later everyone took cuttings of the large rosemary plant to try out propagation. By the end of the meeting, everyone was well-informed and had his/her own cutting which will eventually grow into a new plant.

After the meeting was over, two of our senior members cleaned out the hydroponics system for the aloe vera and ghost peppers. Meanwhile, one member planted numerous seeds - sunflower, basil, broccoli, wild strawberry and okra, to name a few - and Chris took cuttings of Mexican sedum and Christmas cactus for propagation. We all decided that our semester field trip will be to Maas Nursery near Kemah, but the date has not been scheduled yet. We also planned the date for the Plant Sale and have a tentative date for the green roof raking and Project Blazing Star. 

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