Monday, March 26, 2012

Plant Sale Success

Hello again!

The first plant sale was a great success. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped out. The next plant sale is Wednesday, April 11, and Thursday, April 12, and will be announced a week or a few days ahead of time.

A few lessons learned:
1. People always want office plants, and arrowheads and spider plants in 4" and 1/2 gallon pots always sell well. It would be good practice to keep 6-8 small, healthy spider plants on hand for each plant sale, to at least have one office plant available.
2. All mints sell great (MSG). More "classic" mints, like peppermint, spearmint, and chocolate mint, sell better than grapefruit mint.
3. Italian oregano sells well, provided it's in a 1/2 gallon or larger container, and there's a lot of ready-to-be picked herb material.
4. More cactus, even if sold at a loss.
5. Stevia sells well, when bought low and sold high (sorry readers, sometimes we do this).

Most interestingly, some people are more likely to buy herbs and plants from the Horticulture Society when they know that the plants were grown and raised in the greenhouse. (Some can be very adamant about it; apparently UH lavender is a potential niche market).

So, until next time.

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