Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer Work in the greenhouse

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, probably because of the low activity in the group. Changes are afoot for next year, including a membership fee change and an organization name change. In addition, we will be at several freshman orientations this summer, hopefully, to introduce people to the group. (As an aside, this group is unique because it's probaby the only one on campus that is most active during summer, and winds down in the fall.) Anyone who is interested in joining during the summer semester (if that's possible), can send us a message on Facebook or by email.

On the growing note, it's an exciting time. As the temperatures continue to rise, it's becoming too warm for tomatoes, so warm weather plants will be potted, like eggplants and zinnias. We are always on the lookout for tropicals that can be acquired for the greenhouse. The Venus flytrap is doing well and is even flowering. Look for red zinnias come July, as well as other drought- and heat-tolerant plants. I recently purchased a great fan for the greenhouse, which sounds like an airplane propellar and has rubber "feet" to keep it from moving backwards. It REALLY cools down the greenhouse, so much that within a week some tomato plants set more fruit, even as it got hotter. I'm thinking of adding another fan and rigging up some type of makeshift evaporative system.

In addition, I'd like part of membership in the group to be about learning. Part of what happens in the greenhouse (maybe even most of it) involves experimentation, as most members have never had experience in a greenhouse environment. In order to be successful and have fun, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about greenhouse growing. To this end, I recommend some of the books in our library, whose ISBN numbers and names I will post below. They are located in the basement of the Anderson library. To get them, ask the librarians below for them, as they are in a no-access section (with the awesome moving shelves). While this is not required, I strongly recommend everyone to read some books, since the benefits are self-evident.

I look forward to seeing some more people in the group in Fall 2009 and this summer. If you have any suggestions, email them to me.


ISBN - 0813431700 - Introduction to Horticulture
ISBN - 0809425629 - Greenhouse Gardening

Greenhouse - Place of Magic - Potter

These are just some possible books - there's a shelf more.

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